Windy City Grill and Pizza brings Chicago style cuisine to the suburbs

Windy City Pizza and Grill-Woodlands Monocle
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Lifelong Chicagoan and Windy City Grill and Pizza Executive Chef Jim Pappageorge is bringing an authentic and family-friendly new eatery to The Woodlands, opening Friday, March 11.


Pappageorge has seen his fair share of success throughout his time in the restaurant industry, selling nearly one million pies during his time as owner of The Big Banjo in Chicago, which was selected by a Chicago paper as one of the top ten pizzas served in the area.

As soon as you enter The Windy City, its atmosphere immediately embraces you with its genuine Chi-town feel. The genial staff makes you feel at home as you browse through the menu that could delight even the pickiest of eaters.

Windy City Pizza and Grill-Woodlands Monocle

The Windy City Grill and Pizza

The locally, family-owned restaurant prides itself on its eclectic and appetizing menu selection as well as its superb customer service. The menu embodies that of a mom-and-pop eatery. Everything is made-to-order fresh from scratch and all for a very reasonable price.

Start off your meal with one of the fresh salad options including, greek, caesar and more, or even one of the multitude of aperitive appetizer options.

Obviously, The Windy City Grill beckons its customers with its mouth-watering pizza selections that are served square-cut style, a Chicago neighborhood trademark. However, if you are one of those rare souls that have the ability to say no to a fresh za’, the Grill can satisfy you and your family through its vast array of choices.

The Windy City Grill And Pizza-Woodlands Monocle

The Windy City Grill and Pizza’s signature square-cut-pizza

The eatery also boasts itself on its grill hamburgers or also the very unique stuffed hamburger.

They also offer more Chi-city specials including its eclectic selection of sandwiches. The highly recommended options include the Italian sausage or the Italian beef sandwich. They also offer a ruby sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich and a tuna sandwich.

Windy City Grill and Pizza-Woodlands Monocle

Windy City Grill and Pizza’s Chicago style sandwich

If you are a fan of hot dogs, The Windy City also offers tantalizing Chicago-style beef hot dogs that come fully loaded.

To cap off your dining experience, choose from any one of the Grill’s divine dessert cake offerings and a coffee to complement it.

The Grill though is not only for family outings, it is also an ideal location to book a private event for your company or organization.

If you have been searching for a restaurant with quick, efficient service and also homemade, fresh ingredients and a family-fun atmosphere, The Windy City Grill and Pizza is the place to be.

The Windy City Pizza and Grill-Woodlands Monocle

The Windy City Grill and Pizza interior

The Windy City Grill and Pizza is located at:

1500 Research Forest Dr
Suite 100
Shenandoah, TX 77381


11 a.m.-9 p.m. Monday-Thursday

11 a.m.-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday

11 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday


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