Primal PT hosting ‘Lifting Spirits’: Grand opening competition/fundraiser

Primal Lifting Spirits-Woodlands Monocle

Primal Personal Training recently opened its brand new, state-of-the-art workout/training facility and had huge plans for a grand opening party, however, once they found out a good friend and member of the gym received some terrible news, they knew they needed to shift the focus of the party to a competition/fundraiser directly benefiting Noah and all children currently undergoing treatment in the local children’s hospital.

One loyal member of the gym received the devastating news that his nephew, Noah Lamb, 10, was diagnosed with stage 3A Hodgkins Lymphoma and all proceeds from the event will directly towards Noah’s medical expenses.  Hodgkins Lymphoma most commonly knows as Hodgkins disease is a cancer of the lymphatic system and as it progresses it compromises your body’s ability to fight infection.

“My friend Steve knew we had quite the following online and was hoping to get some support from Noah,” said David Gentile, owner of Primal PT. “I sent him an email later that day telling him that I had an idea that I thought could help a lot more, since he had just been getting a few donations, and that’s what started Lifting Spirits.”

The competition will be a strength and conditioning competition as well as a casual style weightlifting session and competition attendees are sure to be wowed by all that the new location has to offer. “It’s a much bigger location, three times to be exact. We also combined with Uproar weightlifting so we can provide a technically sound Olympic lifting class with professional instructors,” said Gentile. “Other than the new looks and the larger space and more equipment, Primal is still very much the same, hard work, lots of sweat and a supportive atmosphere.


Saturday, Jan. 30

8:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m.


32307 Tamina Road – Magnolia, Texas 77354

How it works: 

The strength and conditioning competition will be comprised of teams of two. Each team will compete in three separate workouts and also one floater workout that each participant will compete in.

The casual style weightlifting will allow you to compete against some of the best weightlifters in the Houston area. You will also have the chance to find your snatch and clean and jerk max.


Not interested in competing? No problem. Everyone is welcome. There will be multiple vendors on site as well as a silent auction, food, prizes, games and more.

If you cannot attend the event there are still plenty of ways you can show your support for such an admirable cause.

-You can donate to a gofundme account.

-Show up to the event just to show your support!

-Donate items for the silent auction or also donate prizes for the competition winners.

Toy donations are also encouraged at the event and the Primal PT staff will be hand delivering all of the toys donated to a local children’s hospital.

To learn more about Noah Lamb, or to register for the event click here.





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