Part Two: Benefits of Glute training

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography
Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Benefits of Glute training

In the last article I discussed basic knowledge about the glutes, and some basic anatomy. In this article we shall delve in a little deeper about the benefits of training your glutes and how it can help you in your day to day life, prevent injuries, and excel in sports.

Having stronger glutes makes you a stronger person. It strengthens the legs, stabilizes the hips, and it also helps your posture. It can help the elderly rise from chairs easier. It can help the manual laborer more easily do their work, and even help the soccer parent play with their kids and do work around the house. From strengthening your squat pattern, to developing a better hinge position, this can help you lift, move, and hold things, and make you less prone to injury.

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Injury Prevention

This is without a doubt the biggest benefit of glute training. I have taken clients with shoulder problems and traced them back to a glute inefficiency. These are the largest and strongest muscles in the body. They are at the center of all motion of the body and the center of your strength. 80 percent of people will at some point in their life have some sort of lower back issue. Outside of a large traumatic injury, or some genetic condition, we can usually trace any lower back issue to a lack of strength in the glutes. The spine inserts into the pelvis, and your glutes both stabilize the pelvis and posteriorly rotate the pelvis. When your glutes are not working optimally your pelvis is not stable and cannot rotate. Other muscles have to take up the slack, and forces cannot be handled properly. This is the perfect recipe for a lower back injury. The pelvis is the foundation for the spine, and if you have an unstable foundation you are bound for disaster. There is an old proverb, “Twas a foolish man who built his house upon the sand.” With weak and unstable glutes, you are setting your spine up for disaster. The rise in medical procedures for back injuries, the amount of time off work because of back injuries, and just the amount of pain suffered from back injuries is almost an epidemic. 80 percent of 300 million is a lot of back pain. Strengthening your glutes will help stabilize your pelvis and alleviate back pain.

There is also a lot of knee pain that can be improved through glute strengthening. When you walk, with every step the force travels up the foot, up the shin bone, thorough the femur, into the hip socket, and this force must be properly handled by the glute and transferred into forward motion. If not handled properly, this force goes right back down the femur and finds the first weak spot which is usually the knee joint. So strengthening your glutes will not only help stabilize your pelvis and help with lower back pain, it will also help stabilize your knee and help eliminate knee pain as well

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Athletic Performance

Hip extension is at the basis of most all athletic movement. Running, jumping, lunging, cutting, lateral movement, stopping, landing, and change of direction are all explosive athletic movements that heavily involve the glute muscles. When the glutes are not strong enough these movements can become compromised, and rob the body of performance and in some cases make the athlete even more susceptible to injury, because of lack of stability in the hip and lack of stability in the knee. Stronger glutes give you a stronger athlete. To quote Dan John, “A good athlete uses his legs, a great athlete uses his hips.”

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography

Primal Fitness | Woodlands Monocle | © 2015 Ray Kuglar Photography


Who does not want a better looking, rounder, perkier butt? Seriously. Ladies, your jeans fit better, shorts look hotter. And guys, believe it or not, women check out our butts too.

Next article we will talk about variables in effective glute training, and how it truly is a full body workout.

By Corey Grant of Primal Athletic Performance


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