Montgomery County Food Fair set to feed hundreds

Montgomery County Food Fair | Woodlands Monocle

As part of Montgomery County Food Bank’s (MCFB) mission to provide nutritious meals to hungry children, adults and senior citizens of Montgomery County, they are hosting a Food Fair on Aug. 27 sponsored by Junior League of The Woodlands.

This event, which is open to any food insecure member of the community that does not have regular access to nutritional assistance, will take place from 9:00 a.m. – 11 a.m. at Woodforest Bank Stadium at 19115 David Memorial Drive in Shenandoah.

Like a market on wheels, MCFB’s food fair program is a traveling pantry that delivers nutritious food, including fresh produce, meats and non-perishable items, which are provided by the food bank with the generous support of our sponsors. The food fair at Woodforest Bank Stadium is anticipated to serve 550 families.

“In May, Junior League of the Woodlands awarded The Montgomery County Food Bank a $3,000 community assistance grant to help fund their Food Fair program. We pledged at that time to not only support the Food Bank with dollars, but with volunteers as well!,” said JLTW President, Bobbie Jo Miller. “The Montgomery County Food Bank and Junior League of the Woodlands are both committed to assisting citizens who are food insecure, so this is an amazing partnership opportunity for us. Our members look forward to serving our community!”

Montgomery County Food Fair | Woodlands Monocle

MCFB is still in need of volunteers for this event. Volunteers will begin at 7 a.m. and stay until approximately 12 p.m., rain or shine. They ask that volunteers be 7 years of age or older and all minors have an accompanying adult.

If you would like to volunteer, please register at or email [email protected]

MCFB is also in need of sponsors for future food fairs. If you or your organization are interested in a sponsorship, contact Billy Simpson at 936-539-6686 extension 2031.


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