Gordy Bunch pursuing incorporation of Woodlands, files for re-election

Gordy Bunch | Woodlands Monocle

Bunch says it is time for incorporation as a City

Gordy Bunch, at-large board member on The Woodlands Township Board of Directors at Position One, announced he will seek re-election to his current position early Tuesday.


“I have been honored to serve The Woodlands residents over the past four years and feel now is the time for our community to step up its efforts to become a city,” Bunch said. “The fact that our county continues to ignore our Township board resolutions, resident petitions, and resident votes, requires us to move towards self-governance. I am willing to serve and continue to stand up for The Woodlands residents should voters choose to re-elect me.”

As a member of The Woodlands Township Board since 2012, he has served the board both as Treasurer and as Secretary and also serves The Woodlands as Chairman of the Convention and Visitors Bureau. Bunch has also gained attention for his petition which registered over

Bunch also gained attention for his petition which registered over 6,000 signatures opposing the Woodlands Parkway extension in the later defeated $350 million road bond.

Another notable move was Bunch’s decision to transfer the previously public Waterway Cruisers to private enterprises, reducing the community’s insurance expenses.

Bunch, also the current president and CEO of The Woodlands Financial Group (TWFG), is seeking more county law enforcement and traffic control for the community, a function that would operate independently in a city government.

To keep up with Gordy Bunch’s campaign follow his Facebook page here.



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