Bernie’s brings food trucks closer to the suburbs

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

Food truck park gets set for the inaugural Krawfish and Karbach Festival

Just two months away from its one year anniversary, Bernie’s Backyard in Spring has already gained a loyal following and has plans to expand.

Located just south of the Grand Parkway, on the northbound 45 feeder road, Bernie’s is becoming known as THE spot to find great food truck cuisine this side of Houston.

On any given afternoon (except Mondays), you’ll find the park filled with the lunchtime crowd from nearby office buildings. On weekends, Bernie’s is a hot spot for families, date nights and local foodies looking for something a little different.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

“We have had a really positive turnout,” said Alex Sewart, the park and events manager at Bernie’s. “People like the food, they like the environment and the atmosphere, especially on Friday and Saturday nights.”


As the sun goes down, the patio lights come on and the stage comes to life with local musicians. The idea is not to eat and run, but to stick around and enjoy all that the park has to offer.

The large covered patio at Bernie’s was recently voted #5 on the list of best patios by the Houston Press. There’s also an air conditioned bar and a wine room with a limited wine list.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

Things are pretty casual here – sometimes it’s hard to believe you’re hanging out next to I-45 eating gourmet food that could easily rival some local Woodlands restaurants.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

It all started with Black Garlic – a gourmet burger truck which was parked in Tomball for several years. But the owners weren’t happy with the location and decided to move it to their vacant storage lot. Before long, a food truck park was born.

Black Garlic is well known for it’s juicy, delicious burgers made from local and organic ingredients – patties are either a half or a full pound of beef. The toppings are nothing short of mouth-watering – soft roasted Confit tomatoes, stout aioli sauce made from Guinness beer, caramelized onions and fried kale to name a few.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

Only the brave dare to try the Scorpion burger – hot peppers and chilis make this a 5 on the spicy scale and patrons are asked to sign a waiver before eating it.

The Naked Fry, also owned by Bernie’s, serves cheesesteak and deluxe loaded french fries. One of their signature dishes is The Truckload, comprised of french fries topped with truck sauce, sour cream, green onion, cheddar cheese and candied bacon.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

Rustica is an Italian food truck featuring pizza and Italian street food while Lyndley’s offers authentic Cajun dishes including its famous catfish, po’boys and etouffee.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

BBQ Godfather has been a Houston favorite for many years and is well known for its Texas barbecue, including brisket and pulled pork.

Paradise Gogi is turning out to be one of the favorites at Bernie’s with frequent line-ups for its Korean-Mexican fusion food. Think fried dumplings, Korean chicken, beef tacos and a burger served in a Ramen noodle bun.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

And why not finish things off with Buzzles, a permanent shave ice stand that sells over 100 varieties of New Orleans-style Snowballs.

Many agree it’s nice to finally see some of Houston’s best food trucks parked this close to the suburbs.

“I love food trucks. Whenever I see one in the area I always try to stop and grab a little bite. They’re just so hard to find in The Woodlands,” said Sacha, who recently met a friend for lunch at Bernie’s.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

“You’re going to pay a little more for the experience of a food truck. They’re smaller business owners with much higher costs to operate, so I’d rather pay a small food truck vendor than a big corporate restaurant,” said Sacha’s friend Kat.

In the coming weeks, Bernie’s will unveil a children’s playground, a new sports bar, event hall and for those who’ve been patiently waiting, a Burrito truck!

There’s lots of excitement as the park gears up for its inaugural family friendly Krawfish and Karbach Festival. Karbach is a local brewery and many of its beers, including Weekend Warrior, are on top at Bernie’s Bar. The festival runs the weekends of April 29 and May 6.

Bernie's Backyard | Woodlands Monocle

“We’re promoting it as a family friendly event in a clean and controlled environment,” said Sewart. “We’ve hired security for the festival, we’ve made traffic arrangements to control the flow of traffic. There will be vendors, a Moon Bounce and a crawfish and watermelon eating contest.”

And, just in case you were wondering, there are full-service restrooms on site and a large outdoor hand washing station.


Go ahead and try this food truck amusement park for yourself!

You can find out more by visiting their website at or by following Bernie’s on Facebook here!





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